Benefits of Organiseit

Organiseit is the data management solution that brings together all existing office practices into a simple process. It has many exciting and practical features that will save you time and money.

oit-sample-screenAccess your business information quickly in order to offer efficient customer service

Organiseit enables you to manage all of your business documents in one central location. Whether they are Scanned documents, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, E-mails, PowerPoint presentations, graphics, etc., they can all be stored in their native formats within Organiseit. With its powerful search and retrieve tool that will search the database and display the results instantly, your efficiency will increase and your customers will benefit!

Drastically reduce if not completely remove paperwork from within your office

You will achieve this by implementing a filing procedure that scans all paper documents and stores them electronically in one central location – your Organiseit database - on your local PC or network server.

Create a backup of your paperwork

Traditionally this is too costly and storage is impractical. Implementing Organiseit will give you the added advantage of backing up all of your paperwork in a quick and cost effective manner - just a matter of copying a single database file – too easy!

A powerful search tool lets you access documents instantly

Organiseit’s ‘Here-to-There’ feature has the ability to search and retrieve documents while not even using the Organiseit interface. A double click can retrieve any file from any terminal.

Example: Imagine that you scanned the receipt for your office chairs. Next you would record the transaction in your accounting software. While entering the transaction you create a link to the receipt using a keyword – the receipt number. It is now possible for your accountant to verify your purchase by using the 'Here-to-There' link feature. With a click of the mouse, the receipt is retrieved and displayed in a matter of seconds. No need to waste additional time or valuable resources in obtaining documents. This powerful linking tool functions with any windows based software such as MYOB, Quickbooks, Vistopia, WinBEAT, BAIS, Excel, Word, etc.

Create a secure place to store all those confidential documents

Are confidential documents on your office desk or in your filing cabinets really private and secure? What happens if someone gains access to those confidential documents? Could this be damaging to your business or your clientele? Is it worth the risk? Organiseit is a secure database that can only be accessed using the Interface, which is securely locked by a set of clearly defined security rules.

A simple process that is easy and hassle free

Via the familiarity of a Windows Explorer environment, training is super-fast and the file organisation protocol is intuitive. Simply drag and drop any file or folder into the database and allocate a few key words. To retrieve data, two clicks and you have the information you need in an instant.

Save yourself time and money if you are audited

If you have been audited you can testify to the time lost in satisfying auditors requests for business documents and records. Using Organiseit, there is no need for any auditors to even visit your premises. By simply exporting required areas of the database to a CD-ROM or other storage device, the auditors can browse your records in their own time, at their own location.

Be legally compliant with your ATO and ASIC obligations

The Australian designed organiseit system is both ATO and ASIC compliant and fulfills all Australian auditing protocol obligations. It is also compliant with Australia's Imaging and privacy Act.


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