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Filetrak has been superceded by Codafile TrackNprint and is no longer promoted for sale. For Filetrak specific inquiries contact our Support team at

Improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness

Manage files, documents, archival boxes & selected electronic documents throughout the information lifecycle with Filetrak from Codafile.

Every organisation needs to organize, manage and access information that is critical to the operations. Staff need to access information quickly, while at the same time deal with continually increasing and complex information environments. This is especially challenging with the need to manage both paper and electronic documents.

Additionally, organisations are facing an environment with growing requirements for meeting legislative and regulatory standards; and risk mitigation. These demand implementing and following a comprehensive records management policy throughout the organisation, that helps classify, control, track and access relevant records quickly.

Filetrak records management software from Codafile can help you deal with the increasing complexities in the records management area. Filetrak delivers a scalable and cost effective solution to improve efficiency and effectiveness in records keeping. Filetrak provides a comprehensive records keeping solution for capturing, classifying, tracking, scheduling and managing records.

Importantly, implementing Filetrak, unlike many other EDRM solutions, offers faster ROI to businesses. Concurrent licensing structure, simplicity of usage and presence of “only essential” EDRM components, enables easy adoption and a cost effective solution in a single user or in enterprise wide deployment environment.

Key Features of Filetrak
  • Database management
  • Enquires – Query wizards
  • Classification system - customisable
  • Report Wizards
  • Bar code tracking
  • Selective electronic document management (MS Word®, MS Excel® and PDF) function
  • Selective email management (MS Outlook®) function
  • OCR module – Manage scanned documents
  • Bar code tracking
  • Colour coded side tab label printing – Codaprint
  • Filecover label printing
  • Security/ Access level function
  • Storage box management
  • Look and book module

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